Say No To Meat!

The 411 on Ditching Meat and Going Veg

 Say No to Meat!

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Say No to Meat using this quick, easy and complete guide. Drawing upon years of experience in helping thousands of people go veg, Amanda and Stewart give information and real-world advice that new vegetarians need the most. They answer the questions that other books are afraid to ask:

  • Why is a vegetarian diet so much better for our health?
  • What really happens to farm animals?
  • How does meat production damage the environment?
  • Why is cutting the demand for meat critical to solving global hunger?
  • Why aren’t society’s leaders talking about the problems caused by meat?

Get tips to handle any situation:

  • Talk to family, friends and dates
  • Choose the best foods to include in your diet
  • Learn what to look for when shopping
  • Get a delicious meal at any restaurant


  • Over 35 starter recipes using easy to find ingredients
  • Famous people you never knew were vegetarians
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