Volunteer for Vegfest!

Volunteer for Vegfest!You don't need to be a vegetarian to volunteer! Volunteering at Vegfest is a great way to help others while learning more yourself.

We know that vegetarian food choices have a big impact on people’s lives and the world they live in. Some people who attend Vegfest are already experienced vegetarians, but many, if not most, are beginners or just curious. You can make a real difference in their lives, by providing them with opportunities to try new foods.

Vegfest is run entirely by volunteers each year. We need hundreds of volunteers to make it happen. We need help with various roles and shifts during the entire weekend.

To show our appreciation, all volunteers will receive:

  • The official Vegfest 2015 T-shirt, new each year and designed by a local artist
  • Free admission to the event
  • Satisfaction in helping people learn about vegetarian food and its benefits
  • A lot of fun!

Who can volunteer?

We have lots of different roles, to suit all kinds of people. We need people for most roles throughout Saturday March 21st and Sunday March 22nd, and help with set-up all day on Friday March 20th. Take a look at the roles listed below – view the role descriptions – and see which roles work best for you. When you’re ready to sign up, complete our .

RoleSummary of Duties
Food DemonstratorPrepare and serve food samples. This is the role we need the most, so if you're not sure which to pick, choose this one! Must be 15 yrs or older.
Food StockerStock food booths and membership table with refrigerated products. Must be 18 years or older, able to lift and carry heavy cases of food.
Demo SupportAssist Zone Leaders by supervising and supporting the Food Demo volunteers. Must be 21 years or older, and have volunteered at Vegfest previously. Full day commitment preferred.
Crowd ControlMonitor doors before the event opens and after it closes. Manage the ticket sales and entrance lines during the event. Must be 21 yrs or older. Dress warmly as you'll be working outside.
Membership Bag PrepPrepare gift bags for new members. Must be 15 years or older.
CashierTake cash, check, and credit card payments for food and books; make change. You may be using a cash register. Must be 18 yrs or older and have cashiering experience. Some seated roles.
Ticket SalesTake cash and check payments for ticket sales. Members only. Seated role.
GreeterWelcome guests, take tickets, and hand out flyers and shopping bags. Must be 15 years or older. Dress warmly to work near open doors.
Chef's AssistantAssist guest chefs with preparation for their cooking demos. Must be 18 yrs or older, and comfortable with basic cooking skills.
Outdoor AdvertisersWalk along Mercer Street or around the Seattle Center grounds with signs and flyers inviting people to attend Vegfest. Great for kids and groups. Volunteers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult parent or teacher.
Set UpFriday only, Set up the Exhibition Hall for Vegfest! Must be 18 yrs or older. Some tasks involve lifting and carrying. If you are able to help Thursday afternoon March 19th loading a truck in Factoria and Issaquah, please let us know.
Tear DownTake everything down, wash it, and pack it up on Sunday evening after Vegfest. Must be 18 yrs or older. If you're able to help on Monday morning, unloading a truck in Factoria, please let us know.
Garbage CollectionCollect garbage and recyclables from behind Food Demo booths and Membership table. Must be 18 yrs or older, able to lift and carry through crowds.

Please check our Volunteer FAQ for more information about volunteering at Vegfest, and answers to common questions.
When you’re ready to volunteer, complete our .

If you are the leader of a large group of volunteers, please send an email to volunteer@vegofwa.org and provide a phone number so that we can contact you to discuss the opportunities directly. Each member of your group will need to complete the volunteer form online, once you’ve agreed which shifts you all plan to sign up for. You can print out a flyer to give to the members of your group. Students under 18 years old will also need a parental consent form.

We’ll look forward to your help in making Vegfest a wonderful success!


Role Descriptions


Food Demonstrator

This is the role for which we need the most volunteers, so if you are not sure which role to pick, pick this one! Note: 30 minutes of preparation time is included before your first shift starts (45 mins for the 10am shift), to have time for registration, orientation and to receive your free T-shirt. Shifts that start at 8am will help with delivering food to booths before the event opens. Shifts that end after 6pm will help with cleaning up booths and on Saturday preparing for the next day. In this role, you will be serving samples of food and other products. All products have been generously donated by various manufacturer, brokers, distributors and retailers, so please do your best to present them positively. You should provide samples to anyone interested and encourage them to taste and if they like it, to buy some of the product. You will be assigned to a single booth, serving one or more products. Preparing samples for this event can vary from simple tasks like putting out pre-packaged samples, pouring cups of juice or cutting up snack bars, to more substantial cooking tasks like frying veggie burgers or cooking noodles. Please inform your team leader what level of cooking you feel comfortable with. If you are serving food, you will need to be clean and tidy in appearance, with any long hair tied back. You must wear non-latex gloves which will be provided to you. You will need to familiarize yourself with the products you are serving by reading the packaging, and be willing to talk to attendees about the products. Health and Safety rules are very important to us. You will be given training on health and safety requirements when you arrive. You must be willing to comply with King County Health and Safety rules, and to take instruction from the leaders of this event.

Food Stocker

You will be keeping booths and the membership area stocked with food supplies from the refrigeration units. You will need to be able to carry heavy cases of food through a crowded room.

Demo Support

This role involves some supervision of volunteer food demonstrators. You will support the Zone Leader by checking that volunteers stay at the booths they're assigned to, answering their questions, fetching whatever they need, including supplies such as sample cups, napkins, and toothpicks, washing and returning equipment, and fetching the Zone Leader to resolve significant problems. Volunteers who can commit to a whole day for this role are preferred, to ensure continuity, ideally from 8am-8pm.

Crowd Control

Before the event opens at 10am, and after it closes at 6pm, you will ensure that only volunteers and sponsors enter the building, and supervise people leaving the event. During the event, you will supervise the crowd in the courtyard, making sure they form an orderly line to pay for tickets, answering their questions etc.

Membership Bag Prep

You will be putting food give-aways, magazines and envelopes with coupons into tote bags ready for the membership sales volunteers to hand out as new and renewing members join.


You may be selling books in the bookstore, using cash registers and taking cash, check or credit card payments. Volunteers for the last shift on Sunday will operate the cash registers to take payments for food at the end-of-event sale.

Ticket Sales

You will collect payment for admissions in the form of cash or checks. The admission price is $8 per ticket for everyone except children 12 and under who are free, so change is easy to calculate. You will be seated in a secure area, with a ticket window to the outside.


You will greet attendees as they come in, hand them a shopping bag and any free give-aways, and check that they have tickets for the right day.

Chef's Assistant

You will be assisting the chefs in preparing for their cooking demonstrations. This includes basic cooking skills such as washing and chopping fruits or vegetables, showing food samples to attendees, and cleaning up dishes after each demo. Health and Safety rules are very important to us. You will be given training on health and safety requirements when you arrive. You must be willing to comply with King County Health and Safety rules, and to take instruction from the chefs and volunteer leaders.

Outdoor Advertisers

You will be walking around the Seattle Center grounds with a signboard and a handful of flyers, answering questions and directing people towards the event. This role is important since many people do not know where to find the Exhibition Hall. This role is ideal for families with young children or disabled volunteers – strollers or wheelchairs can be pushed around the Seattle Center grounds, or you may be stationed at a busy intersection on the grounds in order to attract attention to the event.

Set Up

You will be unloading food and equipment from trucks and cars, carrying it to the relevant booths, putting out tablecloths, equipment and supplies on each table, putting up pipe and drape, signs and any other tasks needed to set up the event. We need a lot of people to help get this done, so if you are free to help for the whole day, it would really be appreciated. If you're able to help on Thursday afternoon loading a truck in Factoria and Issaquah, please let us know.

Tear Down

You will be helping to clean up the event, including packing up all remaining food, and supplies, cleaning and packing cooking equipment, taking down pipe and drape, gathering signs and tablecloths, and loading everything into trucks and cars.  If you help on the 4pm-8pm shift, you may be asked to help with food demonstration or some other role until the event closes at 6pm. If you are able to help on Monday morning, March 23rd, with unloading a truck in Factoria, please let us know.

Garbage Collection

Working in pairs, you will assist Seattle Center staff by collecting garbage and recyclables from behind the booths and from the membership bag prep area. You will need to work with volunteers serving food to help them collect their recyclable cans, jars and bottles in suitable boxes. You will need to carry or wheel garbage through the event and down a ramp to dumpsters.


Now that you’ve checked out the volunteer roles, sign up on our .