Our Latest Book – Say No to Meat

Our newest book is a quick, easy and complete guide to all things vegetarian. It gives information and real-world advice that new vegetarians need the most, and  answers the questions that other books are afraid to ask, such as:

  • Why is a vegetarian diet so much better for our health?
  • What really happens to farm animals?
  • How does meat production damage the environment?
  • Why is cutting the demand for meat critical to solving global hunger?
  • Why aren’t society’s leaders talking about the problems caused by meat?

There’s also tips to handle any situation, such as talking to family, friends and dates about your food choices, choosing the best foods to include in your diet, learning what to look for when shopping, and getting a delicious meal at any restaurant.  There are over 35 starter recipes using easy to find ingredients, plus lists of famous people you never knew were vegetarians.

We’ll be posting some of the most interesting excerpts from this book and our other books from time to time, so watch this space!