New Vegan Burger at Dennys

It’s 2 am you’re still up, you’ve got the munchies, almost no restaurants are still open and you’re a vegan ( or vegetarian). Or, perhaps you’re on the road in a town that has few veg options and you’re looking for a solid vegan burger and something to go with it. Now you can go to any of Denny’s 1500 locations and get one 24/7. The new vegan burger is made by one of our favorite companies and yearly sponsor of Vegfest, Amy’s. Just be sure to ask them to hold the pepper jack cheese if you’re vegan. A perusal of their menu also shows that there are some options to go with it. Possibilities include side dishes as varied as broccoli, corn, green beans and potatoes (but make sure to question staff carefully for very small amounts hidden non-veg ingredients in any dish you order).
Announcing its new offerings, Denny’s says “ Denny’s is excited to partner with Amy’s to offer a delicious, better-for-you veggie burger in over 1,500 restaurants any time of the day,” says Minh Huynh, Denny’s Product Marketing Manager. “We value our strategic partnerships to give consumers what they want and expect from Denny’s: value and choice, in a welcoming environment. Denny’s chose Amy’s because it’s a great-tasting, high quality product attached to a strong brand, and, unlike the restaurant chain’s prior veggie burger, it satisfies vegan requirements.”
We’re excited to see the increase in vegan and vegetarian options in the mainstream shopping and dining world, and given the size and prominence of Denny’s this is a definite step forward. As more and more people turn to healthier, more sustainable and compassionate food we expect this trend to continue. Insomniacs, travellers and local veg-people rejoice. Now we can finally grab a bite at Denny’s!