Emily Deschanel is vegan

Emily DeschanelEmily Deschanel, star of the hit TV series Bones, is the latest addition to our veg celebrity Hall of Fame.  She first went vegetarian as a teen, and then later vegan, crediting the book, “Diet for a New America,” for the initial idea of making a change. She says “I do think vegetarianism is the most humane and environmentally sound way to live.” When asked if she gets grossed out when people around her eat meat, she answered, “You know, there’s a certain amount of grossness, I guess, to me, but I’ve lived for 20 years with people eating meat next to me, and I have to be understanding of where they are and their choices if I want them to understand my choices. So I try to be tolerant and understanding. Yeah, it grosses me out on a certain level, but I have become used to that, I guess you could say”. She goes on to say that going veg is “perfectly healthy and doable”.