Veg Olympians

We’re all excited about the winter Olympics in Sochi! Plant-fueled athletes won their share of medals in the summer Olympics in London.  As of this writing the winter games are just beginning, but we’ve already scored our first veg Olympian medal.

Canadian vegan Meagan Duhamel just won a silver medal in team figure skating at this month’s Olympic games in Sochi, Russia. With this victory, she adds to the wave of passionate athletes who are overcoming stereotypes by proving that plant-based diets can fuel strong bodies and world champions.  Duhamel has been a vegan since 2008, and credits her diet with her good health. She’s just five feet tall, but has the muscle definition of a body builder.

Plants are powering all kinds of athletes these days. The figure skater now joins the ranks of many world famous athletes including bodybuilders, Ironmen, tennis legends, football stars and many more who have chosen to live and win on a plant-based, whole food diet.

Meanwhile, Sochi native and Russian favorite Alexey Voyevoda has caught everyone’s attention. Alexey competes as a bobsledder, and is a professional arm wrestler, all while maintaining his veg diet.

Voyevoda holds the distinction of winning a silver medal in the 2006 Olympic Games held in Turin, Italy (four-man bobsled). He most recently helped secure a bronze for his country in the 2010 Games in Vancouver, Canada (two-man bobsled). His competition this year isn’t until next week, but many observers expect him to rack up yet another medal.

Let’s all cheer for team veg at the winter Olympics, where once again we show that not only can you thrive on a plant-fueled diet but you can even bring home some medals!