Veg Runner Sets Another Record

Our very own Scott Jurek has broken another record! Scott completed the 2,189 miles of the Appalachian trail in 46 days, 8 hours and 7 minutes – an all time record. The 41 year old ultramarathoner averaged almost 50 miles a day. His run, as with his others, was fueled by his healthy vegan diet. In 2010 he set the American record for most miles run in 24 hours at 165.7 miles, not to mention his seven consecutive victories from 1999-2005 in the Western States 100-mile Endurance Run.

According to Chris McDougall, author of “Born to Run”, Scott Jurek is the top ultrathon runner in the US, maybe in the world, arguably of all time. While he lived in Seattle, he was a member of Vegetarians of Washington and a popular speaker at Vegfest.  Scott says, as a result of his vegan diet, “I have noticed improvements in recovery time, stamina, endurance and strength during my demanding training sessions. I’ve also noticed an improved vitality in my everyday life and a greater appreciation for the consciousness of choosing healthy foods.”

By the way while we’re talking about sports, we’d like to mention that Serena Williams just won the tennis championship at Wimbledon on a plant fueled diet. Way to go veg athletes!