The latest Vegan Football Players

San Diego cornerback Brandon Flowers has gone vegan.  Everyone says he looks noticeably fitter than ever. He says the big difference in his ability was his decision to go with a vegan diet, which he started earlier this year.  Brandon says, “I was up there in weight even though I felt like I was eating ok. Just going vegan, I fell in love with it. I lost 12 pounds, a good 12 pounds coming into training camp so I feel good, I’ve got to keep building on it.”

Flowers said he doesn’t miss eating meat. “You know it wasn’t tough at all because everything that I love, you can have something that tastes just like it. It’s what I had to figure out. You don’t just cut out the taste of having a hamburger. They have vegan hamburgers that taste like hamburgers you know, so why not go with that instead of putting the meat of an animal inside your body.” Lately, he has become an advocate for the farm animals as well.

There are other NFL stars who have gone vegan as well. For instance, David Carter, a defensive lineman with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and formerly with the Oakland and Dallas teams, has become quite the enthusiast after seeing the results and learning about the effect of his food choices. Carter says “I can honestly say that being vegan is not only the most efficient way to be full-body strong, it’s also the most humane; everyone wins.”

When he made the switch last year, everyone from his coaches to trainers to team mates said he needed needed to eat meat to build muscle. Well, they’re not saying that anymore.  Eating an entirely plant-based diet, David experienced more energy and his stamina went through the roof. All his numbers in the weight room actually went up. This is a guy who can bench 470 and squat 660. Amazingly, he found himself quicker, more agile and responsive than ever. And perhaps most important to David, no animal had to die in order for him to thrive.