Ben & Jerry’s New Vegan Line

Ben Jerrys vegan imageOh yes! Ben and Jerry’s is finally coming out with a dairy free product to fight global warming. In a statement responding to why it was taking the company so long to come out with their vegan line, they replied, “Simply because we want our ice cream to be the best ever, and when you’re doing something new, that means a lot of, ahem, testing.”

We can’t say we feel too sorry for those ice cream testers tasked with the job of nibbling on chocolate and fruit swirled almond ice cream all day! Much to many an ice cream lovers delight, Ben and Jerry’s finally disclosed that their dairy-free pints would be made using almond milk. Although further details on the flavor and names of the new products haven’t been released, we have a feeling that they won’t disappoint. Look for the new Ben and Jerry’s this spring.