Taking our environmental message to the schools

Stewart gives Enviro class in VancouverStudents aren’t learning what they need and want to know from their high school environmental science curriculum. The massive impact that raising meat has on the environment is either totally missing, or gets only passing mention in the classrooms and textbooks.

We’ve had many requests from both students and teachers for lectures and ancillary materials suitable for classes given to high school seniors. We answered the call with a presentation and background materials that covers important environmental topics such the impact of raising meat on global warming, water pollution, soil erosion and ecological destruction. We’ve developed both 60 and 90 minute presentations and have been giving them to some regional high schools over the past year, to an enthusiastic reception.

If you’re a student or a teacher, and would like us to give this presentation at your school or college, please let us know. The environmental case for considering going veg is very compelling. To learn a little more about the impact of raising meat on the environment yourself, see our newly updated Eating Green brochure.