Veg Diet treats Fibromyalgia

Woman With Severe Neck Pain 6This disease needs a better treatment and needs it badly. It’s one of those particularly hard-to-treat diseases, but new research shows that a plant-based diet may help quite a bit.

Fibromyalgia is a tough disease to experience. It hurts, it’s exhausting, and it can be depressing. Fibromyalgia, which affects millions of Americans, is a disease of persistent widespread pain, stiffness, fatigue, plus disrupted and unrefreshing sleep. Not surprisingly, those with fibromyalgia have functional impairment of the activities of daily living. Current treatments aren’t especially effective for most patients, so something better is needed.

Medical studies show that a plant-based diet can make a big difference. For instance, in one study 70% of patients reported increased well-being and reduced pain when placed on a vegetarian diet. Also important was the improvement in cardiovascular risk factors, considering that a recent study showed that fibromyalgia patients have double the risk of coronary artery disease. A 7-month study showed a reduction in pain and joint stiffness. Range of motion improved, and by 7 months the patients’ quality of life had improved to almost normal. Another study showed significant improvements in pain, joint stiffness, and quality of sleep in only 3 months.

Doctors are still studying why a veg diet seems to help so much. One reason has been discovered. The antioxidants in a plant-based diet seem to play a key role in helping sufferers to improve. Unlike the medications used for fibromyalgia, a plant-based diet has no side effects, and it can be combined with any medication or lifestyle treatment such exercise.

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