New vegan dairy and egg products

For those following a vegan diet, dairy and egg alternatives are always welcome.  Producers are experiencing an increased demand as more and more people seek plant-based products to buy, and they are responding by coming up with an ever wider variety of products. According to recent estimates, by 2020 the market for non-dairy products is expected to hit $20 billion. A record number of plant-based products are now available for sale in Washington’s grocery stores and supermarkets, and many more are in the pipeline. Here’s a sneak peak at what some producers are bringing to the marketplace.

daiya-chocolate-cheezecakeWhile most people know them for their popular non-dairy cheese products, Daiya has been innovating some new products lately. For instance, the brand recently launched a line of especially well-reviewed dairy-free cheezecakes, three flavors of cheezy mac, and now, an array of Greek style yogurts. The non-dairy yogurt comes in four flavors, blueberry, peach, strawberry and black cherry, and each serving offers eight grams of protein.  The company also offers a line of cream cheese style spreads, multiple varieties of vegan cheeses (both shredded, sliced and in blocks) and six pizzas (one of which uses the popular meat substitute, Beyond Meat, as a topping).

beyond-better-cashew-sauceFor those looking for an alternative to cheese sauce, a new company, Beyond Better, has come out with an assortment of incredibly delicious sauces. Cashew, Zesty Black Bean, Spicy Queso, and Savory Sunflower are now available, and the variety of ways these sauces can be used is nearly endless.

Closer to home, there are startups such as  Fauxmage, an alternative cheese produce that’s 100% vegan and is made from cultured cashews. They source premium organic cashews from small farmers and their cheese is made by hand, in small batches right here in Seattle. Fauxmage is available in a variety of tantalizing flavors such as Herbes de Provence, Sundried Tomato & Basil, smoky Harisa and, for those who like it on the hot side, Rooster Spice.

betaoats-yogurtAnother local company is Beta Oats yogurt, an entirely new kind of yogurt made from oats. The oats are fermented to yield a rich creamy taste enhanced with all kinds of goodies, such as blueberries, strawberries, and marion berries, with more flavors yet to come. Unlike traditional yogurts, BetaOats has plenty of fiber, especially soluble fiber, it’s rich in probiotics and rich in beta-glucan, a special fiber found in oats and barley. This became the inspiration for the name BetaOats. It’s low fat, gluten and GMO free, and has all natural ingredients. The fruit is sourced from the Northwest.


Of course, our good friends at Field Roast make the famous Chao Sliced Cheese right here in Seattle as well. This rich and creamy vegan cheese is coconut based and seasoned with a fermented tofu, traditionally called ‘Chao’ by the Vietnamese. Chao Slices have bold flavors and a cheesy bite right out of the package, or can be melted on your favorite hot sandwich or burger. Look for the Tomato Cayenne Chao and Coconut Herb Chao Slices. You’re in for quite a treat.

VeganEgg_Closed-Carton-318x318Last, but not least, is the new VeganEgg made by Follow Your Heart. Yes, yes, yes! You can now make vegan omelets, quiches, and even fried and scrambled “eggs”. We’ve tried it and believe you me it’s a vegan’s dream come true.  The environmentally-minded folks at Follow Your Heart point out that, in addition to all the health benefits of eating vegan eggs instead of chicken eggs, if America switched over to their new VeganEgg it alone would save the equivalent of 48 Billion car-driven miles worth of greenhouse gas emissions!

You’ll find many of the best new dairy and egg alternative products available at Vegfest this year, April 1 and 2, 2017, along with many other food products.  Don’t miss it!