Prescribe Vegetarian Campaign News


Stewart Rose gives presentation to Resident Physicians at Tacoma General Hospital

The Prescribe Vegetarian Campaign encourages medical schools to include the health benefits of a plant-based diet in their curricula, and for practicing doctors to prescribe a plant-based diet to prevent and treat disease where appropriate.

We’re happy to tell you about our latest Campaign event. Last month, we gave a presentation on the “Prevention and Treatment of Disease with a Plant-Based Diet” to Family Medicine Resident Physicians at Tacoma General Hospital. The doctors all seemed very interested. When we asked them at the end if they thought that the prevention and treatment of disease with a plant-based diet should have been part of their formal education almost every hand went up.

In the upcoming months we’ll continue our campaign by providing a presentation open to doctors statewide and eligible for official continuing medical education credits required of all doctors. We’ll also provide separate classes for nurses. Then at Vegfest we’ll hold the second annual Vegfest Medical Seminar for doctors and medical students. After Vegfest, we’ll keep up the momentum with a presentation to doctors at Virginia Mason Hospital.

We’re not stopping with the doctors. We’ve contacted policy makers and medical journals to encourage them to include a plant-based diet as prevention and treatment of disease. Our latest effort has been to send a letter to the American College Of Endocrinology and a letter-to-editor-of-endocrine-practice-journal, encouraging them to consider the efficacy of a plant-based diet to prevent type II diabetes.