Vegfest – Another Successful Year!

Parma etc busy scene - low resVegfest 2018 was another huge success! Many companies debuted new products and we were especially happy to help many mainstream companies take steps in the veg direction.  Thousands of attendees discovered new foods from the hundreds of different ones available. They listened to presentations by medical doctors, watched cookbook authors and local chefs prepare delicious vegetarian food, and chose from a huge selection of books to learn more.

Chat Mingkwan - low resEvery year, people come up to us with their stories about how important this event is to them, how it helps them make better food choices, makes them feel part of an impressive community and inspires them to stay or become vegetarian.

This year our doctors and nurses were able to give more free health checks than ever before, including diabetes tests, blood pressure readings, artery scans and bone scans. These health checks are an invaluable opportunity for people to learn the vital connection between the food they eat and the state of their health. Many medical doctors were available to advise them how improving their diet would yield great health benefits.

On the Saturday evening, we held our third Vegfest Medical Seminar for Medical Doctors and Medical Students. Regional specialists gave presentations on the power of a plant-based diet to help both prevent and treat disease. This groundbreaking event was well attended by MD’s and med students who were motivated to make the veg diet just what the doctor ordered!

Vols chopping tofuBut Vegfest isn’t just about health.  More groups advocating and educating about animals were present throughout the event and spiritual groups who support a vegetarian diet were well represented.

A big Thank You to all our members, volunteers, doctors, chefs and especially our sponsors who all made this event possible. You are the reason Vegfest is so successful. We really appreciate your support and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.