The look of helplessness and fear

PigsAnimal Abuse at U.S. Supplier to JBS, the World’s Largest Meat Company

There’s been yet another case of horrible farm animal abuse. A new investigation by Mercy for Animals at Tosh Farms, a JBS pork supplier based in Franklin, Kentucky, exposes what the animal rights group calls the “malicious and systemic abuse of mother pigs and piglets.”

Prepare yourself. This is hard to write about and will be hard for you to read. But, we owe it to the animals and to ourselves to be aware of what goes on. Their investigator witnessed workers at Tosh Farms kicking and striking animals in their faces, ripping out the sexual organs of male piglets without any pain relief, and even smashing the heads of piglets against the ground in order to kill them.

The Mercy for Animals investigator says, “I’ll never forget the way they looked up at me. They all shared the same look of helplessness and fear.”

While all this is very upsetting, there’s something you can do: follow a plant-based diet. The less people eat meat, the less animals will have to endure this horrific abuse, until one day all farm animals can live a life as nature intended.