Do your own dirty work

slaughterhouse-meatIt’s often been said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls we’d all be vegetarians. But, that gives rise to another question: what about actually slaughtering the animal yourself? Would you eat meat if you had to kill the animal yourself?

The disconnect between enjoying meat and loving animals is one that gives many pause for thought.

A nationwide study of meat eaters revealed that about 50% of them “couldn’t eat meat if they had to kill the animal themselves.” More men, 68%,  than women, 34.7%, thought they could bear slaughtering an animal for their consumption.

With half the country not willing to slaughter their own meat, the question arises: why are they still eating meat? Part of the answer is that someone else is doing the dirty work for them. Working in a slaughterhouse is the most dangerous job in America. The workers not only get injured more than on other jobs, but they also have to witness the ugliness that meat eaters don’t even want to think about. Learn more about the plight of slaughterhouse workers.