Vegan burgers at McDonald’s

mcdonalds-vegan-burger-chicagoVegan burger at McDonalds!  Yes, you heard me right. We said “Vegan burger at McDonald’s.”  Some of us thought we’d never see the day when McDonald’s would serve up a vegan burger. But, the fact that that day has come shows just how much the plant-based diet is catching on.

The new vegan burger is debuting at their headquarters in Chicago Illinois. They’ve put it front and center. The new burger is called the McAloo Tikki and consists of a toasted bun filled with a veggie patty made with potatoes, pea, and seasoning reminiscent of samosas; topped with fresh red onions, tomato slices, and an eggless creamy tomato mayo (this still has some dairy though).

While McDonalds still has plenty of meat, eggs and dairy offerings, this is a big step in the right direction. McDonald’s is just the latest fast food chain to pick up on the trend. Earlier this year, White Castle introduced the vegan Impossible Slider to their menu nationwide, and Del Taco partnered with Beyond Meat to add a vegan option to their menu.

Other countries have already added vegan options at their chain restaurants. For instance, McDonald’s British restaurants currently offer a vegan Happy Meal option for children, featuring veggie split pea-based goujons with dairy-free red pesto sauce. The chain has also been testing vegan burger options in England, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden and Finland.

We hope they decide to serve the new vegan burger at McDonalds nationwide very soon!