New vegan eggs

Brown eggs in the package

A new vegan egg is hatching, this one coming out of France. And, it will absolutely make us sit up and want to make some omelets. The advancement comes from two French entrepreneurs who are incubating a revolutionary vegan alternative to eggs that look and cook so real we won’t ever miss the real thing again. Their product is called Les Merveillœufs, which is a play on the French word, “merveilleux” meaning marvellous and “œufs,” French for eggs. It helps that these two founders are biologists at Paris’ Ecole de Biologie Industrielle.

The new vegan eggs will look like the real thing, even an egg shell is planned, but what’s in them? Both the fat content and amount of protein is slightly lower in Merveillœufs (about 10% less than in a hens’ egg). It also has less calories than hens’ eggs and even has some fiber. Merveillœufs can be eaten in exactly the same way as hens’ eggs, for example in an omelet or as raw ingredient in cooking.

They will be commercially available by midway through 2020 in France, and then around the world. Meanwhile we already have great egg substitute products available in the stores around here that are getting rave reviews. The VeganEgg by Follow your Heart and Just Egg by Hampton Creek can both be cooked up just like hens’ eggs, and taste incredible!