Online Dating? Mention you’re vegan or vegetarian!

Online dating

A recent study of 237,000 singles found that online dating customers using the EliteSingles dating platform, who mentioned veganism or vegetarianism, received 73% more responses than the average member.  The singles were selected randomly and anonymously based on mention of any of three words: vegan, vegetarian and veggie. The study team then looked at the average number of messages that profiles with these words received and compared them to the average number of messages received by customers on the same platform overall.

Incoming Messages increased by:

  • Vegan: +50%
  • Veggie: +62%
  • Vegetarian: +108%
  • All ‘vegan’ words combined: +73%

They found that no matter which word was used, the profiles involved received an above-average number of messages. However, an earlier survey of 250 people registered with the dating platform showed that 62% of vegans and 55% of vegetarians avoid talking about it in their dating profile for fear of rejection. So now that this larger study has shown just how popular it can be to mention your dietary preferences, it’s time to stop worrying and enjoy a surprising benefit of being vegan or vegetarian – an increase in the attention you’ll receive while seeking a date online!