The importance of animal sanctuaries

Farm animal sanctuaries are safe havens for farm animals who have endured the victimization of factory farming. Very few animals trapped in factory farms and our food system ever experience freedom, but sanctuaries offer an island of kindness for a few in this sea of severe harshness.

Farm animal sanctuaries are incredibly serene and beautiful non profit organizations that offer a happy life for farm animals. Animals at farm sanctuaries may no longer financially benefit the animal agriculture industry, but they offer companionship and laughs and deserve to live a good life no matter what.

Each sanctuary has its own special trait and history that creates a loving environment for the animals in their care. While some animal sanctuaries have some staff, most rely heavily on volunteers. Volunteering to help take care of the animals can be very fulfilling. Those working and volunteering at any farm sanctuary are able to help rehabilitate the animals and provide enrichment, food, kindness, shelter and other resources to advocate for their value beyond a source of food and money.

We have written about farm sanctuaries such as Sweet Farm and Farm Sanctuary, but there are many more also deserving of support for the fine work they do, including several here in Washington state. However, even though we whole-heartedly support their work, wouldn’t it be better not to need them in the first place? By following a plant-based diet we can do our part to protect the animals so they won’t need saving.