Beckham kicks out the meat

David Beckham, the former professional soccer player, has been dipping into a plant-based diet. Beckham, who is a known foodie and often shared his meat-heavy meals on Instagram, was seen last year with his family at a London pop-up restaurant called F!lth eating a kimchi-topped vegan burger. He described the meal as “insane” and “delicious” on Instagram, which led to the restaurant selling out of food just hours after the posting.

Beckham appeared on a virtual call on IGTV with Sir David Attenborough to discuss ways in which we can help the planet, so it seems that the importance of changing his diet has sunk in.  His wife, and former Spice Girl band member, Victoria Beckham, has been following a largely plant-based diet for a while now, so she has been encouraging David to make the change.

More recently, they enjoyed a 3-week spa retreat in Baden-Baden, in Southwest Germany, where they were only served vegetarian food. On Instagram he wrote: “Never done this before but been eating veggie for the past three weeks which hasn’t been easy but actually enjoyable,”  Their meat-free meals included a chilled pea soup that Beckham dubbed “amazing,” as well as zucchini noodles with mushrooms, chickpea salad, vegetable soup, eggplant with blue cheese, smoked watermelon, and sweet potato.

It’s great to see celebrities like David and Victoria setting the standard for changing their diet, whether it’s for their health, for the animals or for the environment. With a combined following of almost 100 million on Instagram, meaning that their potential influence on potential vegetarians and vegans could be huge!