Athletes perform on a plant-based diet

DeAndre Jordan

NBA All-Star and Olympic gold medalist DeAndre Jordan has experienced first-hand the health and performance benefits of a plant-based diet. He is in tune with what he puts into his body and understands how a balanced, plant-centered diet impacts his performance on and off the court.   

“I started my plant-based journey three years ago and haven’t looked back. As a professional athlete and a parent, I’m constantly thinking about ways to nourish my body and enhance my performance, while also balancing a healthy, mindful lifestyle at home. Whether at home or on the road, my morning always starts with a healthy, high-protein breakfast that keeps me going throughout the day.” said Jordan, a three-time All-NBA and two-time NBA All-Defensive Team member. 

Jordan, along with Jrue Holiday, point-guard for the Milwaukee Bucks, have recently been names as professional athlete brand ambassadors for the plant-based egg substitute brand, JUST Egg. “As a former college athlete, I have a deep admiration and appreciation for the work that professional athletes put into their sport which starts with how they treat their bodies. I’m thrilled to welcome DeAndre and Jrue as our first ambassadors at Eat Just and I’m proud to share the same commitment to eating a healthier plant-based diet, while also making our communities stronger and our planet more sustainable,” said Josh Tetrick, CEO and co-founder of Eat Just. 

This marks the beginning of Eat Just’s athlete ambassador program as more professional athletes across different sports are changing their relationship with food and embracing plant-forward eating. We’re sure that promoting their dietary choices will help inspire many others to give plant-based eating a try!