Miss Universe is plant-powered

Andrea Meza, Miss Universe

Twenty-six year-old Andrea Meza is one high-powered lady.  In addition to being crowned Miss Mexico in 2017, she was recently crowned the 69th Miss Universe, based not only on her looks, but also on her outstanding achievements.  

Born and raised in Chihuahua City, Mexico, she has demonstrated a wide variety of skills and expertise. She holds a degree in Software Engineering and is pursuing entrepreneurial ventures by launching her own activewear brand.  She is passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle, including sports and CrossFit workouts. She’s also a certified makeup artist, model, and the official Tourism Brand Ambassador for her hometown of Chihuahua!

Meza believes that a vegan ethic is central to the well-being of all animals – human and non-human, and for our environment. She has a mission to make the world a better, happier place for all living beings, and her veganism is inherent to that.

She uses her Instagram to spread her love of plant-based foods, sharing several vegan recipes including vegetables with quinoa and tofu as well as a watermelon ceviche to her 1.7 million followers. The vegan model encourages her fans to adopt a plant-based diet for individual and environmental health and wellness. Her crowning as Miss Universe will no doubt bring her message to many more around the world.