Vegan Bikers!

These bikers are out to save the animals. The Vegan Knights Motorcycle Club takes to the open road in vegan leather and big black Harley motorcycles to roll up to dive bars and gather around meatless meals to talk about veganism with any locals who will listen, for the purpose of raising money for animal sanctuaries.

Vegan Knights cofounder and tough guy Burak Sarac explains exactly what it means to be a “tough guy ” on the road and a softie in the kitchen, or at mealtime. “I’m a tough guy, but I always remember the purpose of that tough guy. It’s standing up for the voiceless and for the animals.” He goes on to explain that being tough also breaking the mold. I’m going to be tough by making the tougher choice, breaking the mold, and doing the right thing.”

Biker Chris Green says, “I think being tough means standing up for what you believe in and never backing down. You’re always going have the naysayers or someone who wants to challenge you, but I feel like, certainly with the Vegan Knights, it’s our job and our purpose to stand up for the unheard voices and that’s the vow we’ve taken, to protect animals.”

Not only are these bikers tough they have a strategy too. Green says, “Not being afraid to take criticism and then turning it around to make a bold statement. There is a perception that vegans are ‘weak and pale.’ Or that we humans need meat to survive, and yet here I am, 20 years later, living the dream, right? So, you’ve got to have those bold uncomfortable conversations. We’ve just got to stand up and take that criticism and turn it around.” He goes on to say, “I think being comfortable enough to surround yourself with different kinds of folks is key. Being comfortable with who you are and what you truly believe in.” That sounds like good advice for those for all those working to save the animals. Sarac adds that you also need a big heart.   

These bikers remind us that the ranks of those working to save the animals includes people from many different walks of life.