Congress urges fed facilities to offer a vegetarian option

Congressmen and women want federal agencies to start offering vegetarian food options at all federal facilities—from cafeterias in federal agencies and military bases to museums and national parks.

Thirty two members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to President Biden, to push him to “strongly encourage all federal agencies to make a vegetarian entrée available everywhere that federal government cafeterias are serving meals—from federal agencies, museums and national parks to prisons and military bases.” This would, of course, be for the benefit of federal employees, but the general public might benefit as well. This is because plant-based meals are healthier than meats, so say the lawmakers.

The letter says that “Plant-based meals have dramatic health benefits for our people, lowering the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Making a vegetarian entrée available at federal facilities will help federal workers and visitors get more protein and nutrients from plants.” It goes on to say:

“Providing vegetarian entrées at federal facilities can also advance the health of our environment by reducing the federal government’s carbon footprint. American livestock farming is a significant contributor of greenhouse gas emissions. Livestock and waste from animals together produce significant levels of methane emission, while fertilizers used to grow animal feed create substantial nitrous oxide emissions, which are 300 times more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. Helping the population access plant-based options can help us lower our carbon footprint.”

The letter concludes by saying, “Let’s help make nutritious and delicious vegetarian entrées more readily available to federal workers, visitors, and Americans.” We have reported on the increase in plant-based foods at some military bases and in the Coast Guard, plus the increase in plant-based options in hospitals and public schools. particularly in New York. We’re often asked if we’re making progress? The answer is yes!