Hotel chain plans to offer full vegan menu at every location

Selina, a hospitality brand specializing in digital nomad-style hotels, is planning to create a plant-based version of every menu item at all its 155 locations worldwide, including the United States, as it sees a growing interest in vegan lifestyles of the Millennial and Gen Z travelers that it often attracts.

They have partnered with an Israel-based vegan meat brand, Redefine Meat, to bring in more plant-based options.  The brand offers whole-cut vegan meats such as beef and lamb flanks, as well as ground meats made using 3D printing and AI technologies.  The brand, which has a goal of becoming the world’s largest meat company, says the new partnership with Selina hotels will help Redefine Meat reach a much broader global audience.

Rafael Museri, Selina’s co-founder and CEO, said in a statement,

“Our partnership with Redefine Meat marks an exciting and important milestone—perfectly supporting our commitment to move the portfolio towards more plant-based menus, with 100 percent of our menus available plant based at all our locations globally around the world.”

Selina’s chefs are now using the New-Meat products such as beef and lamb flank cuts, as well as plant-based burgers, sausages, lamb kebabs and ground beef, to create new dishes without animal products, in Tel Aviv and London.  Selina also operates a fully plant-based restaurant, called Powerplant, inside a Selina Hotel in the Camden neighborhood of London.  They plan to soon bring the Powerplant concept to Europe and the United States.