Quarterback Justin Fields chooses vegan for performance

Justin Fields 2022

Justin Fields, the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, has discovered that following a plant-based diet makes him lighter and faster.  He first tried it in May 2020 while he was quarantined with his family, and they all decided to do a one-month plant-based challenge.  During that month, Fields noticed how his body felt better, and so at the end of the month, he continued with the diet, while the rest of his family went back to eating meat and dairy products.

Fields was drafted as the Bears’ number one choice in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, after playing college football at Ohio State university. He continued with the Bears into the 2022 season.  Of his vegan diet, he says:

“It’s changed the way I feel and the way I perform dramatically. I just feel so much lighter and faster. Football as a sport is so hard on your body so I just want to do anything I can to have the longest career possible.”

He starts the day with coffee, lots of water and fruit, since his daily training starts really early.  For lunch he focuses on getting plenty of carbohydrates such as potatoes or rice, along with vegan chicken nuggets or a veggie burger, to give him the energy he needs.  He particularly loves falafel burgers and sweet potato fries. In his evening meal, he makes sure to get plenty of greens, and finishes up the day with a chocolate protein shake.

Justin Fields joins several other NFL stars who’ve discovered the benefits of a plant-based diet for their performance, including New England Patriots lineman Lawrence Guy, and many other athletes in a wide variety of sports.