Plant-based diet beats Keto

The evidence is in. Yet, another study shows that the plant-based diet is best for the environment when it comes to global warming. Producing the food for a plant-based diet causes less global warming than any other diet. This study specifically compared the plant-based or vegan diet to the vegetarian diet, the standard American diet, the Paleo and the Keto diets.

To understand the results of the latest study we need to get technical for a minute. The way to say how much greenhouse gas is emitted in any “farm to your dinner table” diet is to measure it in kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalents for every 1,000 Calories. The lower the number the less greenhouse gas is emitted. The lower the number the better for the environment. Here’s how the different diets stack up.  The plant-based, or vegan diet, comes out as having the least greenhouse at 0.69. Next comes the vegetarian diet at 1.66. Then it gets much worse. The typical American meat centered diet hits the environment at 2.23 But the worst diets, in terms of global warming, were the Paleo diet at 2.62 and last place goes to the Keto at 2.91.

The results of the latest study should come as no surprise. According to a UN study, raising meat causes more greenhouse gas emissions, which trap heat in the atmosphere, than all the cars, buses, trucks, planes and ships in the whole world put together.

Keto foods

According to this study, the Keto diet produces four times more greenhouse gas emission than a plant-based diet. The earth simply cannot afford diets such as the Keto and Paleo. Imagine how much harm would come to the environment if all 8 Billion of us followed the Keto diet. We’ve written before about the effect meat has on global warming and other environment problems such as water pollution.

As we can see, the plant-based diet is the best diet for the health of earth, and as we’ve written in our health articles it’s the best for the health of people too. A recent study showed that the Keto diet doubled the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. For more information about the Keto diet, see our article Keto Diet – the latest fad diet.