Help Wanted – Vegan Chef to cook food fit for a king!

Help wanted – Vegan chef – Location Buckingham Palace – Job description: cook vegan food fit for a king – Employer King Charles III

Great Britain’s King Charles III is seeking an experienced vegan chef to live in and help the head chef prepare food for the royals, staff members and guests.  King Charles avoids meat, fish and dairy at least one day a week, and ensures that he eats vegetarian meals on two other days due to environmental concerns.  He has a rule of no garlic or shellfish, and has added the duck liver delicacy, Foie Gras, to that list due to the cruel way that ducks are treated to produce it.  He requires his food to be in season and grown on their own estate where possible, rather than having it shipped in from elsewhere. Evidently he prefers to eat just breakfast and dinner and skip having lunch, and is not a fan of sweets and chocolate or coffee, but he does like a nice cuppa tea!

Preparing meals for the King and his guests is a challenging job like no other.  According to the job posting, the selected candidate will “motivate and inspire those around them, monitoring the performance and development of a highly competent team, as well as recruiting and training new members.”  The ad continued, “You’ll develop and prepare diverse menus and source the very best seasonal ingredients. You’re a highly qualified and skilled chef, with experience at a senior level from a fine dining or five star catering operation.” 

The job includes 33 days of paid vacation time, 15% employer contribution pension scheme and meals on duty.  It requires the chef to be in the kitchen for 45 hours a week.  For a chef used to the long hours and poor remuneration of the restaurant business, this could be a very popular position!