Vegfest is coming!

We’re baaack! Join us on Saturday May 13th and Sunday May 14th at our new, larger venue, the Pavilion at the Washington State Fair Events Center in Puyallup, with ABUNDANT FREE PARKING. There will be special FREE gifts for all mothers on Mother’s Day, Sunday May 14th including chocolate and cookbooks, so make it a special treat and bring your mom! Buy tickets online and skip the ticket booth line!

Start with delicious plant-based food from the moment you get there. You’ll experience the flavors of the world as well as those from here at home. Taste what happens when cultures merge. Have you ever tried Mex-Indian fusion? You’ll find delicacies along with stick-to-the-ribs foods. And yes, there’s chocolate too! Bring an appetite.

Chef Miyoko Schinner

The adventure doesn’t stop there. Meet our chefs and cookbook authors and watch their magic as they show you how to make everything from Indian to Cajun. We are especially excited to bring you a cooking demonstration by Miyoko Schinner – a legend in the vegan world, who has written 4 vegan cookbooks. Meet Internal Medicine doctor turned chef, Dr Jyothi Rao, who’ll be cooking recipes from her book “Body on Fire – Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook.” Meet popular cookbook authors with loyal followings, including Chef AJ and Krimsey Lilleth, and watch spices come alive with our authentic Indian chef, Sunita Shastri.

Dr Ann Pittier

You’ll also hear from a variety of doctors in our Speakers area from Oncologists to OB/GYNs to Internal Medicine doctors give talks on the health advantages of a plant-based diet. Bring your health-related questions to Vegfest. Our doctors would love to help you find the answers.

We haven’t forgotten the children who will enjoy storybook readings from doctors about health and even the environment.

Be sure to engage with organizations who stand up for and take in the animals we care about so much. Compassion lives at Vegfest.  Vegfest is an all vegan event!