Metallica on tour at 60, focus on staying healthy

Legendary heavy-rock band Metallica used to be known for performances fueled by alcohol and drugs, but these days members of the band (all around 60 years old) are choosing exercise, sleep and plant-based proteins such as tofu as their new habits of choice. They are also careful to make enough time between shows to prioritize family and well-being.

As far as food goes, the band is touring with their own personal chefs who prepare organic meals, using tofu as a key ingredient. Evidence is mounting about the role of soy protein in metabolic health and muscle maintenance. A recent study found a positive association between higher plant-protein intake and muscle mass, particularly among those who consumed higher amounts of total protein. Life on the road when touring can be tough on the body, so Metallica’s use of soy protein in many of their meals makes a lot of sense.

Throughout modern music history, many music stars have promoted meat-free diets, ranging from Moby and Carrie Underwood, to, of course, the most famous vegetarian Paul McCartney. Others have switched to a vegan diet to help them get or stay healthy, including Blink-182’s drummer Travis Barker and rapper  Whatever their reasons, celebrities choosing plant-based diets and foods are helping to inspire their fans everywhere to make similar choices.