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New vegan eggs

Brown eggs in the package

A new vegan egg is hatching, this one coming out of France. And, it will absolutely make us sit up and want to make some omelets. The advancement comes from two French entrepreneurs who are incubating a revolutionary vegan alternative to eggs that look and cook so real we won’t ever miss the real thing again. Their product is called Les Merveillœufs, which is a play on the French word, “merveilleux” meaning marvellous and “œufs,” French for eggs. It helps that these two founders are biologists at Paris’ Ecole de Biologie Industrielle. Read more

Hip Hop is Green – Health and Wellness eXpo, Friday March 6th

Hip Hop is Green with Keith and others

Vegetarians of Washington is proud to sponsor the first-ever Hip Hop is Green Health & Wellness eXpo, happening at the Seattle Center Fisher Pavilion on Friday March 6th. There will be three sessions; the first two will be for Seattle area school students and families. The general public is welcome to the third session from 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

The event will feature healthy plant-based cooking demos by local and national chefs, food sampling by local restaurants and brands, free health screenings, speakers, Hip Hop performers, a women’s plant-based fitness showcase, and Trap Vinyasa ™ yoga fitness class. Read more

New Vegan Egg Product

VeganEgg_Closed-Carton-318x318Vegan Eggs are here!  Thanks to our friends at Follow Your Heart, we can finally make a dent in the 43.56 billion (yes, that was billion not million) eggs produced in the United States last year. Finally, we can have egg free omelets, quiches and good old stick-to-the-ribs scrambled eggs. They’re called VeganEgg and they’re taking the veg food market by storm.

These cholesterol free and compassionate lovelies are also touted as being sustainable “eggs”. The company reports that replacing just one year’s worth of American’s egg consumption is worth 48 billion driving miles worth of greenhouse gas emissions. Even the production of just one regular egg costs 52 gallons of water, when you factor in the irrigation for feed as well as the direct chicken and egg requirements. On an national level that comes out to 4.6 trillion gallons of water (yes, that was trillion with a t). The company making the VeganEgg is very environmentally minded. All their manufacturing energy needs are powered by state-of-the-art solar energy.

Eggs pack a lot of cholesterol. While the extra cholesterol in eggs only adds a little to the blood levels of the average American whose diet is already overwhelmed with cholesterol from animal products, it really shoots up the cholesterol levels for those following an otherwise healthy diet, and increases the amount of “bad” cholesterol relative to the “good.” Egg production is also really tough on chickens, that are usually packed into cages so tight they can’t turn around, and of course they all end up in the slaughterhouse.

Just as importantly for all those with an appetite, we’re happy to report that eyes roll when people taste ‘em. For all you omelet lovers, we have a delicious Italian Omelet recipe courtesy of Follow You Heart below.

VeganEgg is currently available at 6 locations in Washington state, and online. Please visit for a list of locations. More locations are expected very soon.


Italian Omelet

(Serves 1-2)


3 VeganEggs (6 level Tbsp VeganEgg™ + 1 ½ cups ice cold water)

1 tsp of vegan butter

3 leaves fresh basil, roughly chopped

4 cherry tomatoes, sliced in half

1/4 cup Follow Your Heart vegan cheese, shredded (we used Garden Herb)

Salt and Pepper to taste



Whisk or blend VeganEgg™ with ice cold water until smooth. Let sit for 1 minute.

Melt vegan butter in a pre-heated medium-sized skillet set to medium-high heat. Pour mixture into skillet (“egg” should sizzle in pan), and gently pull “egg” mixture toward the center with spatula so that uncooked “eggs” can reach the hot pan surface. Let sit for 2-3 minutes, then add “cheese”, tomatoes, basil, salt and pepper to one side of omelet (the half farthest from you will make folding easier later on).

When omelet starts to dry around the sides, use spatula to gently scrape and loosen omelet edges from skillet. You can carefully peek under with the spatula to see if browning has starrted, and reduce heat if necessary. When surface of omelet looks dry and underneath is golden brown, carefully flip empty side of omelet onto the “cheese”, basil and tomatoes side. This takes practice, but consider yourself an omelet master if you can do it in one go.


Serve and enjoy!




New vegan dairy and egg products

For those following a vegan diet, dairy and egg alternatives are always welcome.  Producers are experiencing an increased demand as more and more people seek plant-based products to buy, and they are responding by coming up with an ever wider variety of products. According to recent estimates, by 2020 the market for non-dairy products is expected to hit $20 billion. A record number of plant-based products are now available for sale in Washington’s grocery stores and supermarkets, and many more are in the pipeline. Here’s a sneak peak at what some producers are bringing to the marketplace.

daiya-chocolate-cheezecakeWhile most people know them for their popular non-dairy cheese products, Daiya has been innovating some new products lately. For instance, the brand recently launched a line of especially well-reviewed dairy-free cheezecakes, three flavors of cheezy mac, and now, an array of Greek style yogurts. The non-dairy yogurt comes in four flavors, blueberry, peach, strawberry and black cherry, and each serving offers eight grams of protein.  The company also offers a line of cream cheese style spreads, multiple varieties of vegan cheeses (both shredded, sliced and in blocks) and six pizzas (one of which uses the popular meat substitute, Beyond Meat, as a topping). Read more

You’re going to love Vegfest

Serving Genesis Juice

Genesis Juice is one of over 500 different kinds of food to try

We all love to eat. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the foods we love to eat could love us back by making us healthier? That’s what plant-based (or vegetarian) foods can do. In fact, not only does eating plant-based foods make us healthier, it also protects the environment and saves our animal friends. What’s even better is that they taste so delicious. A wonderful opportunity to find out just how delicious plant-based foods can taste is at Seattle’s Vegfest, the largest vegetarian food festival in the country, coming up on April 1 & 2, at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on Mercer Street.

Two people eating ice cream

Don’t eat breakfast before you come to Vegfest.  There’s so much good food to sample!

Vegetarian foods, based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, come in all shapes and sizes these days and Vegfest has over 500 different kinds of foods to try. With the plant-based food market growing rapidly, this year’s Vegfest includes many new food products to sample. Some of the ones that caught my eye are chocolate covered quinoa, an almond mousse from Almetta, and a new dairy-free ice cream from NadaMoo. Exciting new food items from Lightlife Foods and Field Roast are also rumored to be debuting at Seattle’s Vegfest for the first time. Try the new egg-free eggs by Follow Your Heart. And for those who like the exotic, why not give Health-Ade Kombucha mushroom beverage a try? And of course, what would Vegfest be without the delicious flavors of Indian Life Foods or the Oriental delights of Sensei Sauce.

Miyoko Schinner

Chef Miyoko Schinner will be speaking at 12:55pm on Saturday

Throughout the weekend, cutting-edge chefs and cookbook authors from around the country will be demonstrating just how easy it is to make your own gourmet vegetarian dishes at home, and doctors – specialists such as urologists, internists, and even an OB/GYN – will be talking about the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. More doctors than ever before will also be on hand to provide health checks, with free blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose tests, bone scans and ultrasound artery scans, giving people the opportunity to discover just how much a vegetarian diet can help improve their health. A huge selection of cookbooks are available at the Vegfest bookstore, and the kids will enjoy the clown duo, Zero and Somebuddy with their skits on healthy eating.

The food scene in our region is changing fast. Vegfest will feature several vegetarian and veg-friendly restaurants with samples of their extra special treats. Many restaurants, looking to cater to more veg-interested customers in the Puget Sound area, are happy to provide coupons for a free meal to people who join Vegetarians of Washington at Vegfest.

This year, Vegfest is on Saturday and Sunday, April 1st and 2nd, at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall on Mercer Street.  Admission is only $9 and kids 12 and under are free.  Tickets are available at the door. See Vegfest for more information.

This article was published in the March issue of Natural Awakenings magazine

Keto Diet – the latest fad diet

Keto-FoodsDon’t fall for the latest low-carb diet fad, the keto diet. We told you not to fall for it back when the Atkins diet was all the rage, and we’re telling you the same thing now.  An excessively low-carbohydrate diet which focuses on consuming more protein (Atkins) or fat (Keto), and cuts out important plant-based foods such as whole grains, beans, fruit and root vegetables, has not been shown to be healthy and could have some very dangerous side effects. On the other hand, a whole food plant-based diet has been shown to be healthy over the whole lifespan, to prevent and treat a wide variety of diseases, and to be very effective at causing weight loss, resulting in just as much weight loss as the keto diet. Why take chances? Read more

Erectile Dysfunction – diet matters!

ED - disappointed coupleErectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to get and keep an erection firm enough for intercourse. Erectile dysfunction (ED) has considerable impact on the quality of life of middle-aged and senior men, and is a significant global health problem  affecting millions of men throughout the world.

It’s very important to note that men with ED are at significantly increased risk of a heart attack. There is consistent epidemiological evidence which links ED with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and cholesterol levels. We know that a plant-based diet greatly reduces the risk of those diseases and so it follows that it also greatly reduces the risk of ED. Other evidence shows that the lower BMI (Body Mass Index) that vegetarians are more likely to have also helps reduce the risk of ED, as does the reduction of saturated fat intake and increased fiber intake.

One study found a 10% reduced risk of ED with each additional daily serving of fruits and vegetables consumed. Another study showed that phytonutrients, nutrients besides vitamins and minerals which are found only in plant foods, were a major reason for the reduced risk. A long term study of a diet rich in whole grains, fruit, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and olive oil was associated with an improvement in erectile function.

They’ve even done a small experiment on erectile function.  Three athletes were tested overnight after different meals.  The experiment showed that erectile function was improved after a plant-based meal. Smoking cessation and exercise increased the effectiveness of the dietary intervention in several studies.

While diet and diet-related diseases are major causes of ED, there are other factors such as psychological problems and medication side effects which can also have an impact. However, switching to a plant-based diet is a safe way to reduce your risk of ED and it forms a vital role in its treatment.


Guest Speaker and Chef Schedule

You can plan on there always being a great chef or a doctor presenting, throughout the event. They each present for around 35 mins, so you’ll have the opportunity to see several while you’re at Vegfest!

The schedule for 2019 was as follows:

Saturday March 30th 2019

10:40am Dr Chan Hwang How to Help Chronic Pain with a Plant-Based Diet
11:25am Chef Archana Verma Indian Comfort Food
12:10pm Dr Esther Park Hwang The Best Diet for Women’s Health
12:55pm Chef Alan Roettinger Speed Vegan
1:40pm Dr Patricia McEachrane Gross Plant-Based Foods for Your Health
2:25pm Chef Ramses Bravo Bravo Express! – Comfort Food
3:10pm Dr Rachael Wyman Eat Right for your Heart
3:55pm Chef Michelle Schwegmann Eat Like You Give a Damn!
4:40pm Dr Uma Malhotra The Vegetarian Diet: Powerful Medicine

Sunday March 31st 2019

10:40am Mary Purdy RD Easy, Simple, Nutritious: A Practical Guide to Going Veg
11:25am Chef Michelle Schwegmann Eat Like You Give a Damn!
12:10pm Dr Chan Hwang How to Help Chronic Pain with a Plant-Based Diet
12:55pm Chef Ramses Bravo Bravo Express! – Sweet Treats
1:40pm Dr Ann Pittier Avoiding Cancer with a Plant-Based Diet
2:25pm Chef Alan Roettinger Extraordinary Vegan
3:10pm Dr Patricia McEachrane Gross Plant-Based Foods for Your Health
3:55pm Chef James Sant Vibrant Vegan Comfort Foods

Clowns Schedule

Clown scene - RClowns Zero and Somebuddy were to the left of the Speaker area:

  • 10am to 6pm on Saturday
  • 12 noon to 5pm on Sunday.

They featured:

  • Puppet Shows
  • Face Painting
  • Balloon animals


About Us

June 2017 dinner

About Vegetarians of Washington

Ayako with plate - croppedVegetarians of Washington is an independent 501(c)3 non profit organization, formed and incorporated in the state of Washington in June 2001. We are an active and dynamic group with events happening in and around the Puget Sound, and in many other parts of the state from time to time. We are the largest vegetarian organization in the Northwest and one of the largest in the country. Run by full-time, experienced professionals, we also have a large team of advisers from major, relevant sections of the community, including medical, religious and business leaders.

Our mission is to help improve the health and well-being of people and the world we live in, both by encouraging mainstream Americans to discover the advantages and pleasures of vegetarian food, and by providing support and service to the vegetarian community.

We aim to improve circumstances in the mainstream of American society. We care when people die needlessly from heart disease and other diseases of excess in the developed world, and from starvation in the developing world. We care when the environment is damaged and animals suffer. We have faith that a better world is possible, and that educating people about the vegetarian solution is one way to make a real difference.

To achieve this, we established the following goals:

  • To help the average person, who follows a standard American diet, recognize that a vegetarian diet is a much healthier option, that it’s tasty, affordable, popular and easy to do.
  • To help the environmentally conscious make the connection between the food they choose to eat and the environment they inhabit.
  • To help those who feel compassion toward animals understand the harsh conditions that animals endure due to current farming methods, and that a vegetarian diet can eliminate some of this suffering.
  • To help the spiritually minded see that a vegetarian diet can be spiritually enhancing.
  • To help the new or experienced vegetarian or vegan feel comfortable with their food choices, to help them gain social acceptance and know where to turn for help when needed.

We take an open arms approach, welcoming everyone, whether they’re an experienced vegetarian, a beginner or just curious. We aim to make people from all walks of life and all ages feel welcome at our events. We encourage people to try foods that are new to them, and to learn how to prepare them. However, we recognize that people need to proceed at their own pace and just do the best they can. We believe that more success will result in the long run if people feel comfortable trying to eat one vegetarian meal a week, rather than if they feel pressured into going completely vegan right away.

So how do we do all this? We accomplish our mission and goals by:

  • Holding quality monthly dinners where all are welcome
  • Producing a regular e-newsletter to inform and entertain
  • Offering informative classes, to teach nutrition and cooking skills
  • Organizing a huge vegetarian food festival, Vegfest, which encourages the general public to learn more and give vegetarian foods a try
  • Writing books that explain the advantages of a vegetarian diet, and show how easy it is to do
  • Writing articles to be published in peer-reviewed medical journals, on the prevention and treatment of disease with a plant-based diet
  • Participating in other community events, to reach out to new segments of the population
  • Engaging both vegetarian and non-vegetarian businesses by bringing them into contact with the vegetarian community.
  • Being an authoritative resource for the medical community, the media and the community at large

TG Buffet PhotoWe see ourselves as advocates, educators and supporters, rather than activists. We’re here to help people. We don’t do protests, civil disobedience or political lobbying. We focus on helping mainstream people because we want to open their eyes to new ways of looking at vegetarians and vegetarian food. We encourage and support businesses of all sizes, whether vegetarian or not, to offer more vegetarian and vegan options, because we want tasty vegetarian choices to be available at every restaurant, store, dinner or potluck. We believe that working with the non-vegetarian portion of the community is the only way the vegetarian movement can grow.

The focus of our members is wide ranging, varying from those who care mostly about their health or spiritual well-being, to those whose emphasis is on saving the animals and/or the environment.

If you are new to vegetarianism, and you were worried that you wouldn’t fit in, don’t worry. We think you will feel very welcome and supported if you join us.

If you’re an experienced vegetarian, we hope that you will join us to support the growth of the vegetarian community.

Whatever your current diet, we invite you to join us to make a difference.

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