Cooking with Amanda – BBQs Picnics and Salads

Vegan Barbecue Food

In Class 1, Amanda demonstrates how to host a delicious barbecue with plant-based foods.  She shows how to make your own burgers, marinate Portobello mushrooms, prepare and grill vegetables and even make some carrot hot dogs!

Get the recipes: Vegan Barbecue Food

Vegan Picnics and Sandwiches

In Class 2, Amanda shares ideas for picnics and sandwiches.  She makes a vegan mayonnaise and a mock tuna spread that can be used in sandwiches, and discusses lots of other ideas for hosting a delicious picnic outdoors.

Get the recipes: Vegan Picnics and Sandwiches

Quinoa Salad and Black Bean Salad 

In Class 3, Amanda makes two of her favorite salads, a black bean salad and a quinoa salad.

Get the recipes: Quinoa Salad and Black Bean Salad

Vegan and Asian Coleslaws

In Class 4, Amanda makes two versions of coleslaw, and discusses other salad dressings that can be used on your favorite salads.

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Kale Waldorf Salad and Fruit Salads

In Class 5, Amanda demonstrates a Kale Waldorf Salad, and talks about other fruit salads to enjoy.

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