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Meet Moby – musician, animal rights champion, environmental award winner


mobyMoby gained attention in the early 1990s with his electronic dance music work, which experimented with the techno and breakbeat hardcore genres, and has since sold 20 million albums worldwide.

But Moby (Richard Melville Hall) is also a devoted vegan. A big supporter of Mercy for Animals, Moby announced he will be  starting a vegan festival with Mercy for Animals on October 23rd at the Fonda Theater in Los Angeles, with all proceeds going to the Mercy for Animals Foundation.

Moby has been a vegan since his late teens and has often spoken about his decision to avoid all meat and animal products. Moby became a vegan so he “could eat and live in accordance with my beliefs that animals have their own lives, that they’re entitled to their own lives and that contributing to animal suffering is something that I don’t want to be a part of.”

To help others experience the benefits of a plant-based diet, he recently opened a vegan restaurant in Silver Lake, California, called Little Pine, and now he’s been recognized with an environmental award from the Environmental Media Association (EMA).  Debbie Levin, President of the EMA, says, “It’s simply amazing what he’s been able to accomplish. From starting his own nonprofit, to advocating on Capitol Hill for net neutrality, to opening his own 100 per cent organic vegan restaurant, Moby uses his talent to bring good to the world. We’re proud to present him with the EMA Missions in Music Award.” The non-profit EMA was co-founded by TV writer and producer Norman Lear in 1989 to encourage green production and raise the public’s awareness of environmental causes.

Arnold Schwarzenegger goes vegan


Arnold Schwarzenegger

Is Arnold Schwarzenegger really going vegan? It looks like he is!

The action star, body builder, and former California governor has been dairy-free for at least 40 years, but lately, he’s been hearing from his doctors to lay off meat consumption for his health. Arnold says, “The more I went to my physical exams, the more doctors started stressing: “Arnold, you’ve got to get off meat,” so I’m slowly getting off meat, and I can tell you, I feel fantastic!” The former bodybuilder says he’s found that the best way to cut down is to have a couple of meat-free days a week and proceed from there.

When Arnold Schwarzenegger tells people they should eat less meat, you can imagine the reaction he gets, but he pushes back on that: “I have seen many body builders that are vegetarian and they get strong and healthy. Luckily, we know that you can get your protein source from many different ways – you can get it through vegetables if you are a vegetarian.” Take it from Arnold: “If they tell you to eat more meat to be strong—don’t buy it.”

Well known for his concern about environmental issues, especially global warming, Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Cameron have teamed up, not for another installment of the Terminator series, but to combat climate change and highlight the ill effects of meat and dairy consumption on health. Schwarzenegger sums up his feelings on the subject when he says, “Less meat, less heat, more life.” Let’s hope that message reaches as many people as his movies did.

Jessica Chastain is vegan

Jessica ChastainActress Jessica Chastain, nominated for Best Actress for her role as Maya, the CIA agent in Zero Dark Thirty, is a vegan. She has been a vegetarian for 15 years, and a vegan for six.

Jessica explains, “It’s about trying to live a life where I’m not contributing to the cruelty in the world. While I am on this planet, I want everyone I meet to know that I am grateful they are here.” However, there was a scene in the movie “The Help” where she had to eat a fried chicken; she ensured that it was a vegan chicken.

She recently revealed that she is highly inspired by her mother, who is also a vegan and runs vegan restaurants as well. She believes that being a vegan offers great perks regarding health. She has been able to lose some extra pounds after following a strict vegan diet.

Liam Hemsworth is now vegan

Untitled-1Hunger Games star, Liam Hemsworth, says he now leads a vegan lifestyle and has even convinced his big brother to eat more veggies.

Liam says, “I constantly get questions like, ‘How do you get your protein?’ and ‘How do you feel?”. Hemsworth goes on to say, “There are no negatives to eating like this. I feel nothing but positive, mentally and physically. I love it. I feel like it also has a kind of a domino effect on the rest of my life.”

Mike Tyson is vegan

Mike TysonIn 2012, the former heavyweight champ decided to go vegan. He told Oprah, “Becoming a vegan gave me another opportunity to live a healthy life. “I was so congested from all the drugs and bad cocaine, I could hardly breathe, I had high blood pressure, was almost dying and had arthritis.” Becoming vegan, he said, made all that go away. We’re glad he discovered that plant foods can carry quite a punch!

Anna Paquin – vegetarian actress

Anna PaquinMaybe “True Blood” provided just a little too much blood and gore for this actress, because in real life the 33 year old actress is vegetarian. When it comes to maintaining healthy lifestyles, there’s nothing nightmarish about the diet of Anna Paquin. “I eat a lot of vegetables. I eat a lot of fruit. I don’t eat fast food ever.” says the actress. Anna views staying fit as essential for success in her career – particularly when the clothes that she’s given are so revealing.

The latest Vegan Football Players

Brandon Flowers, CB, for PeTA Ink Not Mink campaign

Brandon Flowers

San Diego cornerback Brandon Flowers has gone vegan.  Everyone says he looks noticeably fitter than ever. He says the big difference in his ability was his decision to go with a vegan diet, which he started earlier this year.  Brandon says, “I was up there in weight even though I felt like I was eating ok. Just going vegan, I fell in love with it. I lost 12 pounds, a good 12 pounds coming into training camp so I feel good, I’ve got to keep building on it.”

Flowers said he doesn’t miss eating meat. “You know it wasn’t tough at all because everything that I love, you can have something that tastes just like it. It’s what I had to figure out. You don’t just cut out the taste of having a hamburger. They have vegan hamburgers that taste like hamburgers you know, so why not go with that instead of putting the meat of an animal inside your body.” Lately, he has become an advocate for the farm animals as well.

David carter 3

David Carter

There are other NFL stars who have gone vegan as well. For instance, David Carter, a defensive lineman with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and formerly with the Oakland and Dallas teams, has become quite the enthusiast after seeing the results and learning about the effect of his food choices. Carter says “I can honestly say that being vegan is not only the most efficient way to be full-body strong, it’s also the most humane; everyone wins.”

When he made the switch last year, everyone from his coaches to trainers to team mates said he needed needed to eat meat to build muscle. Well, they’re not saying that anymore.  Eating an entirely plant-based diet, David experienced more energy and his stamina went through the roof. All his numbers in the weight room actually went up. This is a guy who can bench 470 and squat 660. Amazingly, he found himself quicker, more agile and responsive than ever. And perhaps most important to David, no animal had to die in order for him to thrive.

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