Cooking with Amanda – Cooking with Tofu and Tempeh

Soy beans (from which tofu and tempeh are made) have many health benefits, but people often find preparing these products confusing. How can I make it tasty? Should I choose silken or regular tofu? Firm or soft? Amanda explains about the different types of tofu and prepare some delicious main dishes and desserts to show you how versatile tofu can be. In her class about tempeh, she explains how to use it, and talks about a variety of uses.

Oven-baked Tofu Steaks and Raspberry Dessert

In Class 1, Amanda talks about the health benefits of tofu, and different kinds of tofu. She demonstrates how to make baked tofu steaks, coated with a flour, nutritional yeast and spice mixture, and how to make a raspberry dessert with silken tofu and frozen raspberries.

Get the recipe – Oven-baked Tofu Steaks and Raspberry Dessert

Lasagne Florentine and Vegan Parmesan

In Class 2, Amanda demostrates how to make a lasagne with spinach and tofu riccotta “cheese”.

Get the recipe – Lasagne Florentine and Vegan Parmesan 

Hawaiian Stir Fry

In Class 3, Amanda makes a stir fry with tofu, pineapple chunks, red and green peppers, onion, and water chestnuts.

Get the recipe – Hawaiian Stir Fry 

Cooking with Tempeh

In this class, Amanda explains how to prepare tempeh, and demonstrates how to make Tempeh Collard Green wraps.

Get the recipe – Tempeh Collard Wraps

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