Cooking with Amanda series

Amanda cooks delicious plant-based meals

To learn how to cook a complete repertoire of plant-based or vegan dishes, you can select the classes you are most interested in, or watch them all!

BBQs, Picnics and Salads – 5 classes

This series includes vegan barbecue food (burgers and hot dogs), sandwiches with vegan mayonnaise and a mock tuna spread, a black bean salad, a quinoa salad, vegan coleslaws, a kale waldorf salad and a fruit salad.

A broccoli salad is also included in the Harvest Vegetables series, and a Cesar salad is included in class 9 of our Lentils and Beans series.

Cooking with Tofu and Tempeh – 4 classes

Lasagne Florentine in a glass casserole dish on the kitchen counter.
Lasagne Florentine

This series includes 3 classes demonstrating different recipes for tofu, including tofu steaks and a raspberry tofu dessert, lasagne florentine and vegan parmesan, and a Hawaiian tofu stir fry. There’s also one class introducing the soy product, tempeh, demonstrating tempeh collard wraps.

Other recipes using tofu include the spicy Sichuan eggplant with tofu dish in the Harvest Vegetables series, and marinated tofu with kale and peanut sauce in the Lentils and Beans series.

Harvest Vegetables – 5 classes

In this series, we focus on recipes using specific vegetables, including cauliflower, eggplant, zucchini, broccoli and kale.

Recipes include cauliflower steaks, potato and cauliflower curry, and cauliflower “cheese”, eggplant steaks, spicy Sichuan eggplant with tofu, zucchini noodles with pesto and ratatouille, broccoli soup and a broccoli salad, kale chips and a pasta dish with kale, mushrooms, and black beans.

Lentils and Beans – 9 classes

This series includes an easy black bean chili, red lentil curry with rice, Tex-Mex pinto bean chili, a lentil loaf, Mediterranean chickpea stew with quinoa, marinated tofu with kale and peanut sauce, white bean cheesy quesadillas with crudities, breakfast tofu scramble with tempeh bacon, a lentil edamame salad and a Cesar salad.

Ethnic Foods – 6 classes

In this series, Amanda demonstrates Mediterranean cooking, including how to make Falafel with Tahini sauce, Seitan a la Grecque, a Moroccan Chickpea stew, and a Moroccan-spiced fava bean stew. A Mediterranean chickpea stew class is also available in the Lentil and Beans series.

She also gives an Introduction to Indian Cooking, making a Chana Masala (chickpea curry) and a cabbage curry. A red lentil curry class is available in the Lentils and Beans series, and an Aloo Gobhi (potato and cauliflower curry) is available in the Harvest Vegetables series.

In addition, in the Mexican Cuisine class, Amanda demonstrates how to make healthy vegan nachos, with a beany taco mix, a creamy vegan cheese sauce, and homemade corn chips.

Red Lentil Soup

Soups and Stews – 3 classes

In this series, Amanda makes a potato corn chowder, lentil soup, chickpea mash stew and a soul-full chili.  A broccoli soup can also be found in the Harvest Vegetables series, and two other chili recipes are demonstrated in the Lentils and Beans series.

Vegan Comfort Foods – 5 classes

In this series, Amanda demonstrates how to make pancakes (with oats, bananas and apple sauce), vegan Mac N Cheese, pesto pasta, “bangers and mash” and chocolate pudding, tamale pie and popcorn, and lentil shepherds pie.

Vegan Desserts – 3 classes

Baked tofu cheesecake with fruit

In this series, Amanda talks about healthy dessert options, and demonstrates a baked tofu cheesecake, a coconut lime pie, a decadent chocolate-pecan pie and chocolate avocado mousse.

See also Cooking with Tofu for a raspberry tofu dessert, Vegan Comfort Foods for a chocolate pudding, and Vegan Thanksgiving classes for a pumpkin pie.

Vegan Thanksgiving – 3 classes

Amanda demonstrates how to make a complete vegan Thanksgiving meal, including leek and parsnip soup, 2 different centerpieces (stuffed squash and mushroom walnut roast with gravy), and a vegan pumpkin pie.

Mushroom Walnut Loaf