Speaker’s Bureau

Amanda cooking feature 1.1Our Speakers Bureau will provide experienced speakers, a visual presentation and printed material to interested groups for free! We offer a variety of types of classes:

  1. A short talk by Vegetarians of Washington (30-90 mins)
  2. Cooking demo by Vegetarians of Washington (1 hr)
  3. Vegetarian Solution Class (1-1.5 hr class, followed by 1 hr cooking class)
  4. Food For Life class series (one class per week for 4-7 weeks)
  5. Presentation for Doctors on the opportunities for preventing and treating disease with a vegetarian diet.
  6. Stewart 2Presentations for Doctors or Medical Students on the prevention and treatment of specific diseases, such as Cardiovascular Disease, Prostate Cancer, Type II Diabetes.
  7. Presentations for Legislators on the opportunity for saving public health funds by encouraging the prescribing of vegetarian diets by doctors.

If you would like to request a speaker or presentation on the benefits of making vegetarian food choices to your group, please submit the speaker request form below (*required).