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The latest product – 3-D printed plant-based salmon

Printing 3D salmon

Revo Foods has created a 3D-printed salmon made from plants that is expected to reach the US market in 2023. The company, an Austrian plant-based food tech startup, currently sells packets of smoked “salmon” made from pea protein, algae extract and plant oils to mimic the taste and texture of real fish without the environmental impact. This new creation enables them to offer salmon fillets that can be cooked and served just like the fish version.

The new product is made with pea protein but is also also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, to ensure it’s nutritionally comparable with regular salmon, but without any cholesterol or toxins. The newly developed 3D printing production process will help improve the texture, so consumers are able to cook the whole-cut, plant-based salmon in various ways without compromising texture or flavor. The company’s website said this new process produces up to 86% less emissions than conventional salmon and uses 95% less freshwater. Of course, it also saves a lot of salmon lives.

Revo Foods Products

The company’s goal is to produce vegan seafood to lessen human impact on the oceans and avoid consumption of seafood containing toxins and heavy metals, such as mercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). They are expanding their product line to include salmon and tuna spreads and salmon and tuna sashimi in the future.  We look forward to giving all their products a try.

IKEA prints vegan meatballs

IKEA 3D printed vegan meatballs

Technology continues to make its presence known in the world of plant-based foods. All kinds of technology has been employed to make meat substitutes.

The latest innovation comes from IKEA. They’ve started serving 3D-printed vegan meatballs in job interviews. IKEA thinks that 3D printed vegan meatballs will help attract top talent while pursuing its sustainability goals of becoming climate positive by 2030. As part of its ambitious sustainability drive, IKEA has pledged to make its in-store menu 50% plant-based by the year 2025 and 80% of its packaged food vegan by 2030.

Candidates will be invited to share their ideas for innovation as they discuss their ideas over a plate of 3D-printed vegan versions of the chain’s iconic meatballs. Using the latest innovation in 3D food printing technology, IKEA has been able to “recreate the texture, flavor and appearance of the IKEA meatball without the meat.”

You can find IKEA’s vegan meatballs on the menu at its in-store restaurants. The Plant Balls are also available in the store’s Swedish Food Markets in the frozen section where you can grab a bag to enjoy at home.