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Corn into Ethanol – All is Not Lost

When turning corn into ethanol, not all the food value need be lost.  As of this writing, the current law requires that nearly 10% of the nation’s gasoline supply come from corn-based ethanol. To make that ethanol, up to 40% of the country’s annual corn production may be required. With the drought causing a diminished corn harvest this year, and with rising food prices and the UN reporting that 870 million people around the world are malnourished, many have wondered if there wasn’t some way in which the nutrition contained in the corn could be salvaged.

Enter food scientist Padu Krishnan at South Dakota University, who thinks he has a solution to the problem, and a recipe to help Americans eat more healthfully. He has been cooking up treats using a special ingredient he says can make baked goods more filling and nutritious.

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