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Cruelty to animals leads to violence against people

Time and time again, we learn that individuals who have committed violent acts against others—whether it be a spouse, a parent, or the 21 schoolchildren and teachers gunned down this year in Uvalde, Texas—also have a history of abusing animals. The mass murderer in Uvalde committed animal abuse and displayed videos of the cruelty to users on a social media platform, and he boasted about how he did it “all the time.”

Unfortunately this is part of a pattern. For example, Payton Gendron, who committed the May 14 racially-motivated mass shooting at a Buffalo supermarket that left 10 Black people dead, posted videos showing his abuse of animals.

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Link Between Diet and Crime?

Jail barsIn this posting we explore an issue on the very edge of research and investigation where the information available is limited and still very preliminary but is nevertheless intriguing. We’re going to take a look at the link between crime and diet.

The questions are: Could violence and crime be caused in some measure by nutritional deficiencies in general? And furthermore, could either producing or consuming meat incline a person to violence and crime? Read more