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First ever Veg Group on Capitol Hill

Veg Caucus on Captol HillThe first ever organized vegetarian group on Capitol Hill has just been formed, and vegetarian history has just been made for the second time this year (see last month’s post on the first all-veg public school).  The non-partisan Vegetarian Caucus, has already held two meetings and its ranks are growing rapidly and with much enthusiasm. This is very significant for the vegetarian movement as a whole. While we wish the group had congressmen and women in it as well, we all know how influential the staffers are.

For busy staffers on Capitol Hill, whose hectic days are often scheduled down to the minute, grabbing lunch often means a trip to the cafeterias scattered around the Capitol complex. Although there are multiple dining spots on the campus’s House and Senate sides, offering everything from Indian cuisine to slow-cooked barbecue, some vegetarian and vegan House staffers say there’s a noticeable lack of healthy proteins and lettuce varieties available to fit their dietary needs, so they’re doing something about it.

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