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Goat Farmers Go Vegan

Goat 2After 20 years of producing award-winning goat cheese, farmers Carol and Julian Pearce are now going vegan and so is their cheese. The Pearces are just a recent example of a number of farmers who are choosing to go vegan in order to save the lives of animals. While trying to save the goats on their farm, most end up being slaughtered.  Explaining their decision they say, “We did the best we could for our animals while still producing cheese, but then we realized a vegan farm will allow us to do even better.”

The couple is hoping that their new found love for vegan cheese making will help to spread the message about animal-free cheese, and help them to rescue more animals from the exploitation by the farm industry at the same time. There are many options for animal farmers wishing to give up their current practices in favor of kinder ones. Whether it’s switching from goat cheese to vegan cheese, or from pig farming to vegetable farming, it is possible to create a better future for farm animals. Stories like this one show that it is indeed possible for us to change our ways and to find more compassionate alternatives. We congratulate the Pearces for embracing their new lifestyle and setting an example for future farmers to do the same.