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Leather made from pineapple leaves!

Good news for vegetarians who don’t want to wear leather! Dole Sunshine Company (the world’s largest producer of fruit and vegetables) just announced a partnership with Ananas Anam, the British owners of the vegan pineapple leather brand Piñatex.

Ananas Anam will use leaf fibers collected and extracted from one of Dole’s farms in the Philippines—home to some of the largest plantations in the world—in its Piñatex products. The partnership marks a significant step towards Dole’s goal of zero produce loss by 2025.

Typically, the industry burns pineapple leaves or sends them to landfills, contributing to the production of carbon dioxide, methane, and other harmful emissions. By using pineapple leaves as a base for the production of its patented fabric, Piñatex simultaneously removes them from the waste stream and provides a sustainable alternative to high-polluting and destructive traditional leather.

The sheer scale of Piñatex and Dole’s new partnership also presents a unique opportunity for the companies to support developing farming communities, and to simultaneously increase output to match the growing global enthusiasm for vegan leather. This adds to the other forms of plant-based vegan leather that are being made from cactus, mushrooms and fique. What will they use next, we wonder?