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Fly the Veg-Friendly Skies

Every year the PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) reviews the veg friendliness of airport food around the country. 2014 marked the first year SeaTac was included in the survey. In its debut on the list, Seattle takes off in second place.

With 90 percent of restaurants offering at least one healthful option, travelers won’t have to look far to find nutritious meals with a Northwest flair throughout the airport. Vintage Washington serves fiber-packed oatmeal to early morning travelers and antioxidant-rich pecan apple salad later in the day. Seattle sports fans can visit Seattle Seahawks 12 Club for steel-cut oatmeal with fresh berries and chopped walnuts. Or they can try a vegetarian fiesta salad made with roasted corn, black bean relish, diced tomatoes, leafy greens, and salsa. Kobo offers vegetable sushi, garden salads, and miso soup.

Seattle visitors who crave coffee can head to Starbucks for prepackaged hearty veggie and brown rice bowls made with roasted butternut squash, beets, kale, red cabbage, steamed broccoli, and garden peas, topped with a lemon tahini dressing.

The Veg-Friendly British

The Olympics this year are being held in one of the most veg-friendly countries in the world! In fact, the percentage of British who are vegetarians is double that of the U.S. The British have long been leaders and promoters of the vegetarian way. It was the British who first coined the term “vegetarian” in the mid 1800’s and the word “vegan” in the 1940’s.

The list of famous British vegetarians is long and wide-ranging.  It includes famous scientists and mathematicians such as Sir Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin; literary giants and influential figures such as Lord Byron, HG Wells and George Bernard Shaw; innovators such as Sir Isaac Pitman, inventor of shorthand; military leaders such as Chief Air Marshall Hugh Dowding, who led the royal Air Force to victory in the Battle of Britain; and religious and social leaders such as General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army.

In more recent times, we note with pleasure that noted vegetarians, Sir Paul McCartney of Beatles fame, and HRH Prince Charles, both took part in the Olympics opening ceremonies. And for the few who haven’t heard her accent, you may be interested to know that our president, Amanda, was born in England too!

Even London itself is becoming ever more veg-friendly. When the athletes want to go out for a meal, they’ll be happy to learn that, right ahead of the opening of the Olympics, two famous pubs, the Coach and Horses in Soho and the Smithfield Tavern in Smithfield’s Market, have just switched over their menus to become London’s first vegetarian and vegan pubs.