Vegan Thanksgiving Classes

Below are the recipes and recordings of the online classes given in November 2020 to prepare a Thanksgiving meal:

Tues November 17th, 6pm – Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes – part 1 – Watch Recording

Thanksgiving is a special time, so it’s worth making the effort to prepare something you wouldn’t normally make.  Homemade soup and homemade vegan pumpkin pie are classic recipes that add something unique to your special meal. Amanda will demonstrate how to make the soup and pumpkin pie in Part 1.

Fri November 20th, 4:30pm – Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes – part 2 – Watch recording

The main dish for Thanksgiving needs to stand out as a centerpiece.  A stuffed squash is a great way to prepare a dish that will impress all your guests.  Amanda will talk about the different squashes you can use, and will demonstrate making this special centerpiece for your holiday meal.  Then you can make all these recipes over the weekend, to eat together with us all at our Vegan Thanksgiving event!