Vegan ultrathoner, 66 years old

Running a marathon is hard enough, but to run a 48-hour ultramarathon in Massachusetts in the heat and high humidity of July takes a special level of fitness and stamina that few can achieve.  To secure first place at the age of 66 years old is particularly impressive, but that’s what Trishul Cherns recently achieved. He ran 142.5 miles during his latest race and credits his vegan diet for his success.  

Cherns is from Hamilton, Canada, but now lives in New York.  His running career, over the past four decades, has covered more than 46,000 miles, sometimes running 1000 miles in a single event.  He has broken more than 110 Canadian ultrarunning records and in 2021 completed his 300th ultramarathon.  

Cherns explained how being vegan enables him to prevent inflammation in his body, making such stressful long-distance runs as easy as possible. Cherns hopes that his triumphs can act as inspiration for others and as a reminder that age is not a limit:  

“I still feel 30 inside, and I’m beating guys that are 20, 30, 40 years younger than me. So I think the message is, no matter what your age is, keep going and keep doing what you’re doing,” the athlete explained.  

Other ultrathon runners, such as Harvey Lewis and  Scott Jurek have achieved similar successes.  Hopefully their successes will inspire more athletes to try a vegan diet to help them reach their goals.